Wheel Balancing And Alignment Service

Vehicles are not a living entity that any wear and tear would be fixed by a
simple multiplication of tissues. They need mechanical care!

With time, the parts of vehicles become loose, rusted or disoriented.
So… steering wheels vibrate, tires become noisy or a vehicle may feel unstable while driving.
These problems need to be fixed by working on them or replacing them.
And thus, wheel balancing becomes essential for the health of your vehicle.
Every year there are thousands of motorists who require a wheel balance because the potholes in the roads have knocked them out of balance!
It is very important keep your tires checked to ensure safe driving and hopefully don’t have a deadly accident.

You can find a lot of companies providing wheel balancing services nowadays.
The wheel balancing system used by Harvey’s Garage is technologically advanced to provide the optimum wheel balance for your vehicle and keep it healthy for a long period of time.
The company is based in Lumpkin, GA and serves the Stewart County area with the best wheel alignment around.
One of our specialties is tire balance and wheel alignment to give your vehicle a power boost to meet any terrain!
Get the quality work done with us that won’t break your budget.
We are ready to serve you and provide you a comfortable driving once again.

Can you remember the time when your car was comfortable and quiet… when it was new right?
How smooth was it? This was because the wheels were fitted using professional balancing procedures and equipment, at the factory, before the delivery of your vehicle.
But as the time proceeds, the use & daily wear and tear, makes the wheels unstable.
As a result, your wheels create an annoying steering wheel, seat vibrations, and nosiness; they can also lead to increased fuel consumption.

We offer professional wheel balancing and front-end alignment service to increase your family’s safety and your driving enjoyment too.
Balanced wheels will give you good control on your vehicle.
Our top quality tire balance and wheel alignment will make your vehicle drive much better!
We have served a lot of customers to satisfaction and now it’s your turn.
We are situated in Lumpkin, Georgia… just a click away from you.

Business Hours: Our repair shop is open Mon-Fri from 9am until 5pm.

Service Area: Lumpkin, Omaha, Louvale, Florence, Benevolence, Cuthbert, Richland, Georgetown, Weston, Brooklyn, and Cusseta, GA, Georgia.

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